The Vasper™ System

A quick and effective exercise system that speeds up muscular performance and injury recovery.

Each session is 30 minutes long, including 21 minutes of low-impact interval training + a 9 minute cooling-down on a cold bed. The software tracks your energy output and blood pressure to ensure safety and monitor progress. 

The system is designed to optimise your hormone balance for athletic performance and recovery. At the same time, it also lowers your stress and inflammation hormones.

With cooling pads, Vasper uses a combination of compression and cooling to naturally boost the body’s production of growth hormones.  This is important for healing after an injury and repairing muscle tissue after exercise while also boosting metabolism, and burning fat. On the Vasper it means that you'll experience less muscle soreness and fatigue than from other workouts. 

The interval 'sprints' during a Vasper session train your anaerobic threshold. This is another mechanism in your body to build and maintain muscle (especially as we age), lose weight, and strengthen bones. 

Vasper is the first exercise system that accelerates muscular performance and injury recovery.

Who should try Vasper™? 

People of all ages and physical fitness levels can benefit from Vasper workouts.

How our clients use Vasper at The Clarke Clinic: 

  • Maintaining or regaining strength and mobility, for the general public, older clients and those with chronic diseases
  • Preparing for sports events
  • Supporting recovery and prevention of future injuries
  • Returning to exercise after child birth
  • Maintaining cardiovascular fitness for professional athletes
  • Recovery from surgery and injuries
  • Stress reduction
  • General fitness

Vasper is a great complement to osteopathic treatment. We recommend a Vasper session before or after your osteopath appointment. 

How does it work? 

  1. Compression accumulates lactic acid, driving a strong signal to the brain requesting repair and recovery.
  2. Cooling increases efficiency by delivering more oxygen to the muscles, reducing perceived exertion.
  3. Customizable software enables interval training to be customized to any physical ability level.
  4. Low impact platform accommodates almost any physical limitation while reducing physical breakdown and fatigue.


For more information, or to find out if the Vasper is right for you, contact us. You can also call or WhatsApp +852 6122 3020