Vasper™ System

The Vasper™ System is a low-impact interval training machine. It uses with cooling and compression to help with muscle development and inflamed joints. This makes it a very helpful addition to your Osteopathy treatment and recovery.

Each session is 30 minutes long: 21 minutes of low-impact interval training + a 9 minute cooling-down.

Our aim of using  this form of exercise is to stretch and educate your muscles, and create muscle memory. This can help to ‘set’ your Osteopathic treatment, instead of allowing your body to go back into your usual patterns. We also see the benefits of self-healing through vascular performance.

The unique Vasper™ software tracks your energy output and heart rate to monitor your progress.  You’ll get a summary after each session to monitor your progress.

How can the system help me to recover?

It’s designed to optimise your hormones for athletic performance and recovery. At the same time, it also lowers your stress and inflammation hormones.

Compression and cooling on the back, arms, legs and neck help to create the effects of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise. This means you can get similar results to conventional exercise without the time, effort, and muscle damage. Instead of feeling tired and sore, Vasper leaves you energised and rejuvenated, alleviating your body aches and pains.⁠

The interval ‘sprints’ during a Vasper session train your anaerobic threshold. This is another way your body builds and maintains muscle, lose weight, and strengthen bones, especially as we age.

Vasper™ is the first exercise system that accelerates muscular performance and injury recovery.

The low impact platform suits almost any physical limitation while reducing physical breakdown and fatigue.

How does it work?

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Compression accumulates lactic acid, which gives a strong signal to the brain to request repair and recovery and drive the production of anabolic hormones


Increases efficiency by delivering more oxygen to the muscles, and making you feel less tired than you would during normal exercise.

Interval Training

To give you the benefits of high intensity exercise and rehabilitation in an efficient and low impact work out. Customised to any physical ability.

Who SHould TRy It?


Who should try Vasper™? 

People of all ages and physical fitness levels can benefit from Vasper workouts.

How our clients use Vasper™ at CORE:

  • Maintaining or regaining strength and mobility, for the general public, older clients and those with chronic diseases
  • Supporting recovery and prevention of future injuries
  • Returning to exercise after pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Recovery from surgery and injuries
  • Stress reduction

Please note, all sessions are guided by Esther Fok, Certified Vasper™ practitioner, for safety and best results. ⁠

Every precaution is taken to minimise any risk of COVID-19 infection for patients and staff. Masks are required and are worn throughout the session by both practitioner and patient.

VASPER + Osteopathy


In Osteopathy, we have noticed that the use of VASPER as a movement therapy improves results from manual treatment and rehabilitation. 

  • Using VASPER we can detect mobility and alignment issues that may be more visible with movement.  
  • It improves healing by boosting circulation and reducing inflammation. 
  • We notice that developing muscle memory using correct planes of motion also helps to ‘set’ osteopathic treatment.



Movement & Mobility Specialist
Certified Vasper™ Instructor

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