Stretch Therapy

Passive Stretching Therapy aims to restore range of motion to the site of pain or injury as part of the Corrective Exercise continuum. Our clinically-driven therapist, Bruce, has extensive experience in working around pain and injuries. His sessions aim to restore tissue viscoelasticity through combined techniques that are suitable for each client.

Our goal is to help you move with freedom and without discomfort. Excessive tightness in your joints, tendons and connective tissue surrounding your muscles can restrict your body’s range of motion, and in some cases, result in over corrections in other areas and eventually, pain.

Techniques such as massage and stretching can increase the extensibility of both the tendons and fascia in the long term.

What can I expect during a Stretch Therapy session?

Sessions: 60-90min, from $1150

Consult: 30mins $500

During a consult, your practitioner will get to know you by asking you questions about your health history, sports background, goals, and also plan for the 1st session. This is also your opportunity to get to know your practitioner or therapist. If you elect not to do a consult, the intake will be done during your first session.

Stretch Therapy is performed similar to a massage; on an individual basis and on a table.

Before your session, you will be asked to complete an intake assessment form. Your Stretch Therapist will ask you some questions before starting.

They will then get to work on movements targeting any affected muscles and connective tissue that surround your joint(s). Your therapist will move your body into postures stretching specific muscle groups.

You should feel a stretching sensation while your therapist takes the weight of your limbs. Being able to relax and breathe alongside the movements throughout the session will make the experience rewarding and allow for better results.

The benefits of assisted stretching

  • Restoring and improving healthy movement patterns
  • Relieving stress
  • Increasing circulation to joints and muscle, which can assist with inflammation and pain
  • Reducing tension and DOMS
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility
  • Assisting with training and athletic performance by supporting recovery
    Reducing the risk of injury

osteo at core

osteo at core

Gentle and Effective

We emphasise gentle and effective treatments such as harmonic technique, process-centred osteopathy and cranial osteopathy.

Based in Science

We integrate the latest scientific research from a number of disciplines (esp. neuroscience and behavioural science) to help patients achieve their health and movement goals.

Dream Team

We work as a team both amongst our osteopaths and with our health care and exercise professionals at CORE and Reboot studio.



Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Rehab Training

Registered Osteopath

Registered Osteopath

Certified TRE Provider

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