Steven Chew

Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Rehab Training.

Skills & Expertise 

Neck and shoulder strengthening and re-alignment for pain relief

Movement optimisation and restoration for Frozen Shoulder 

Strengthening and re-alignment to alleviate Lower Back Pain 

Exercise prescription for hip pain, groin pain, hip impingement and bursitis 

Manual therapy and exercise prescription for Knee Pain and Iliotibial band (ITB) Syndrome 

Foot and ankle strengthening for full body re-alignment 

General strength and mobility, posture restoration 

Steven is a practitioner at heart and fitness enthusiast by profession. Having cultivated his passion for fitness since his teens, Steven’s transition into the fitness industry back in 2016 is not only a natural move for him, but a start of a journey that is currently leading him down the path of rehab training and a corrective exercise practitioner. 

His passion in teaching has also led to the establishment and development of Fitness Academy Asia. The Hong Kong-based fitness education and certification company provides continuing education courses and workshops to personal trainers and fitness professionals in the city as well as Macao.

Steven is very much involved in the teaching and delivery of workshops and courses in Hong Kong and abroad, working with medical professionals to bridge the divide between the fitness and medical industries in Asia. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

CETI Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist with the Biomechanics Method

NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist and Weight Loss Specialist

Triggerpoint Therapy and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation 

WKA Kickboxing Instructor

Academic & Professional Qualifications

Body Arts & Sciences certified Pilates Instructor


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