Patient Responsibilities

  1. Give your provider, clinic staff, and fellow patients respect and consideration. This includes no shouting, threats, cursing, or violence of any kind.
  2. Provide complete, accurate, honest information about your health so that the staff can give you the best health care possible.
  3. Keep your scheduled appointments or reschedule those appointments in advance.
  4. Follow through with your care plan, including follow-up appointments, labs, and exercises. Be sure you leave every visit with a clear understanding of expectations, treatment goals and future plans.
  5. Let us know if you are unable to take your medicine or follow through with your care plan.
  6. Discuss your concerns with the provider or a staff member should problems arise.
  7. Treat the staff and clients/patients in the Clinic without discrimination regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender orientation, national origin or age.
  8. Be active in your health care decisions. This includes involving your family and/or other trusted adults in any aspect of care that you feel would benefit your care.
  9. Understand that your lifestyle choices affect your personal health.
  10. Give us feedback so we can improve our services.