Philip Clarke

Philip Clarke

Founder, Principal Osteopath since 2008

At CORE, Philip pulls together a variety of therapies to support osteopathic treatment and optimise all patients’ rehabilitation & recovery.

His work draws upon a number of scientific disciplines (neuroscience, sports and exercise physiology, psychology and biomechanics) to assist his manual therapy.

Over the last 20 years he has successfully used this approach to treat high level and professional athletes in powerlifting, squash, martial arts, dancers, yoga, Pilates, and rugby. Philip continues his passion for learning with the study of subjects such as sports psychology, Mindful meditation, Qi Going and Ayurveda.

Philip established CORE (formerly known as The Clarke Clinic) in 2012 to offer the people of Hong Kong safe, effective manual and exercise therapy supported by scientific research. With over 20 years of clinical experience Philip has a passion for learning, exchange of knowledge and mentoring with his colleagues from Osteopathy, other healthcare professions and sport and exercise professionals.

M.Ost., Doctor of Osteopathy, British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (UK), now BCOM
B.A.(hons) The University of Manchester.
B.Sc. (hons ) The University of Westminster. M Sc Keele University.
Naturopathic Diploma, BCOM
Certificate in Functional Medicine, Functional Medicine University, U.S.

Registered Osteopath General Osteopathic Council, U.K. & Member of the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association
Post graduate Certificate Equine and Canine Osteopathy – Osteopathic Centre for Animals

Former Clinic Tutor British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London.
Former tutor Sunderland Cranial College
Former principal osteopath, Leicester Sports Medicine Clinic, U.K.

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