Our practitioners are experienced in providing solutions for the whole family and at any stage of life, including babies and pre & post natal mothers, as well as those dealing with injuries, illness or chronic conditions.

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Founder, Registered Osteopath

Registered Osteopath
Registered Osteopath

Registered Osteopath, Gryrotonic®

Registered Osteopath

Registered Osteopath, Movement instructor

Registered Osteopath

Movement, rehabilitation & Exercise

Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, Gyrokinesis®

Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, TRX, Craniosacral Therapy

Certified Vasper® Instructor, Mobility & Movement Specialist

Yoga, Structure Integration

Corrective Exercise & Rehab Training Specialist

Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, Cancer Exercise Specialist

Psychology, Play Therapy, Developmental disorders

Psychology, Play Therapy, Developmental disorders

Mind & Body

Psychotherapy & TRE Provider (Tension Releasing Exercises)

Performance Psychology, Breathwork Specialist 

Registered TCM Massage Therapist 

Ayurveda Consultant

Naturopathic Dr.

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