Michelle Kok

Michelle Kok

Pilates | Gyrotonic® | TRX | Craniosacral Therapy

Trauma | Rehabilitation | Movement Therapy | Core Strengthening

Michelle uses a combination of strength training and tissue release to help her clients feel stronger and better.  Pilates, Gyrotonic® Expansion System, TRX, Cranial Sacral Therapy and other somatic work are performed in any session.  Sessions can be 30mins (single area rehab), 60mins or 90mins depending on your needs.

Since starting teaching in 2019, she has found success & joy working in the following areas:

– Core strengthening and functional training
– Lower back pain management
– Knee injury rehab
– Prenatal strengthening
– Postnatal diastasis recti rehab + core re-strengthening 

In just a few years, Michelle has helped numerous individuals with spine or disc related pain to not only become as pain free as conditions allowed, but also had helped them become free from steroid injections, and in a few cases delay spinal surgery for years. 

Michelle is a movement therapist at CORE. She focuses on “corrective exercising” in order to prevent exercise-induced injury. This results in longer exercise duration and increases muscle strength.  She also places focus on preventative exercises to delay join degeneration & manage pain.  

Her wish is for everyone to age with minimal pain. 

With her competitive swimming & racquet sports background, she has trained other athletes to gain time and strength for their competitions. Her methods have helped golfers improve their drive, as well as assisting  individuals understand and strengthen their bodies to their full potential. 

Michelle is very friendly and creative in her sessions. She has many props and images to educate you about your body and how it works. She uses specific verbal cues that suit your body to make you have control over how to use your muscles for optimal results. 


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Michelle offers sessions online and in person.