Esther Fok

Esther Fok

Movement & Mobility Specialist
Certified VASPER™ System Instructor

VASPER™ Rehabilitation & HIIT Training | Mobility
Rehabilitation | Active Recovery | Peak Performance

Initially a patient of Philip Clarke’s, Esther saw a swift improvement in her recovery and health when she combined osteopathy with VASPER training. Seeing the results convinced her to move into the field of health and wellness. 

Esther’s goal is to support people to overcome their limitations, whether they are recovering from sports-related injury or physical disability or are a professional athlete. Her clients include: 

  • Professional athletes, including Olympic champions
  • Elderly and disabled individuals
  • People recovering from accidents and injuries
  • Those impacted by medical conditions including diabetes, parkinson’s disease, asthma, arrhythmia, menopause, andropause and PMS

She is in regular contact with VASPER headquarters in the US and serves as a consultant for VASPER service centres in Europe. She continues to study and has a special interest in the areas of epigenetics and bio-resonance.


In 2015, a serious accident left Esther badly injured. Several doctors advised her to either accept her disability or undergo surgery without any guarantees. She sought the support of Philip Clarke, the principal osteopath at CORE Osteopathy (then The Clarke Clinic), heralding the start of her own healing journey and ultimately a change in career. 

It was on a business trip to Silicon Valley during her rehabilitation that she met Peter Wasowski, who had worked alongside NASA engineers to create the VASPER System. She quickly experienced a big improvement in her condition by combining osteopathy with VASPER training. The treatment approach accelerated her healing and strengthened muscles and she became stronger than she had been before her accident. 

Esther credits the VASPER system with enabling her to return to an active lifestyle – horse-riding and wake surfing – and her personal experience gave her the determination to support others. In 2019, she completed the official VASPER training at VASPER headquarters at the NASA Research Center in California. She began working as a VASPER instructor in Paris before setting up the first VASPER bikes in Hong Kong in 2021, at CORE Osteopathy. 


  •       Certified VASPER™ biohacking training Instructor (US)
  •       Certified Movement and Mobility Specialist (US)
  •       Certified Pilates Instructor (US)
  •       Certified CPR & AED provider (HK)
  •       Degree of Reiki (Level 3)

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