COVID-19 Update

What we’re doing to keep patients and staff safe.        Reviewed 9 May 2022

Look after yourselves

First and foremost, we ask you to take all precautions to keep yourself feeling well!  As with an airplane oxygen mask, you’ll be able to help others if you’re helping yourself. If you’re feeling stressed or run down, there are ways we can support you without you having to leave the house. Just ask

Offer support

We’re all in this together. So reach out to others to offer support. Check in on the vulnerable and the not-as-vulnerable. Everyone is finding it hard, and at the very least, uncertainty is stressful. 

Rebook as needed

If you’re booked in at the clinic, please adhere to government guidelines and let us know if you need to change your appointment. No questions asked, no assumptions made. 

Use virtual appointments

Even if you haven’t tested positive, or are not a ‘close contact’, we ask that you use a common sense approach and let us know if you’d prefer a virtual appointment. 

Continued on-site practices

  • Regular hand hygiene
  • Rooms and equipment are sanitised between every patient
  • Mask wearing continues
  • 1:1 appointments only (unless you have your children with you) 
  • Temperature checks
  • DAILY Rapid Antigen testing for all staff 


Get in touch

Please get in touch with any questions +85261223020

schedule a session

Sessions available online and in person