Chops Hsu

Chops Hsu

Yoga & Structure Integration

Breath Efficiency | Posture Awareness | Yoga Therapy |
Competition Recoveries | Injury Prevention

Over the past 19 years as a personal trainer and yogi, Chops has been immersed and the study and practice of physical discipline.

His clients have seen dramatic shifts in posture, breathing, and ease in the body along with improvements in their self-esteem and body image. 

He counts yoga practitioners and world-class ballroom dancers among his clients.

He encountered Myofascial Release four years ago when Rolfing sessions profoundly influenced the the structure and aliveness of his body. Fascinated with the methodical approach and dramatic effects, he pursued regular trainings in Germany to perfect the art of Myofascial Release.

Myofascia Release is methodical bodywork focused on resolving chronic tensions for pain relief, healthy posture, open breathing, and more ergonomic movement. 

Chronic tension can easily develop in the body, as one area of the body compensates for misuse, poor posture or unhealthy movement patterns. These blockages can restrict optimal breathing, limit freedom of movement, block healthy circulation, and result in pain and injuries. 

Myofascial Release begins by invoking the breath capacity through skilful deep tissue work. This then brings more resiliency to the connective tissues, influencing all breathing related areas.

A vital healing process begins when the body is able to absorb more oxygen. 

Once fuller breath is established, we continue to free up the blockages of the body and find optimal gravity flow. 

Every session will be tailored to each client’s needs, we encourage the clients to stay conscious throughout the session to notice the shifts and develop greater awareness of their body.

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Chops offers consultations and yoga online. Manual therapy is available in-person.