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December 2020

Breathing Specialist

• Provide counselling services for mental health, sleep problems, stress and burnout, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, mental disorder, and self-regulation
• Implement breath work programs and education to improve respiratory system and breathing functionality of those who suffering from pollution, trauma, and highly stressed work environment.
• Design and implement breathing programs that integrate with our Osteopath treatments for clients via the comprehensive approach to achieve overall healing for patients.
• Guide patients to improve performance and rehabilitation process via breathing mechanics, mindset, and yoga therapy
• Design tailor-made programs for Corporations / Organisations to facilitate well-being solutions including resilience, burn-out, mental and emotional well-beings and relationships.
• Work with Vasper machine and teach the protocols for breathing
• Conduct online / Zoom workshops for breath coaching and counselling sessions

• Degree in Psychology or Counselling
• 8 years solid working experience in psychology of breathing, counselling, and mindfulness & well-being training.
• Well knowledge in Breathing technique and coaching clients for stress reduction, health, and emotional well-being.
• Previous experience in developing breath workshop / programs to improve the respiratory system and breathing functionality and posture.
• Exposure in breath, rehabilitation and fitness machines
• Previous experience in working with adult and child in hospital / Therapy Centres
• Professional Yoga qualification is an advantage
• Well experienced in conducting online / Zoom classes / workshops
• Excellent spoken and written English, and other European language is a plus e.g. Spanish, Italy, French, German, etc.