Bruce ho

Stretch Therapist

Skills & Expertise 

With more than 15,000 hours of experience in one-on-one stretching therapy, Bruce has demonstrated the value of passive stretching in mobility, rehabilitation and performance. 

Bruce’s clients exhibit varying symptoms, and require a unique and tailored approach. His diverse range of techniques achieve better results for his clients and can be combined with other therapies, such as corrective exercise and osteopathy

Bruce has improved the performance and recovery of clinical patients, as well as athletes in triathlon, rock climbing, distance running, rope skipping, rugby, trampoline, rowing, and dragon boat racing.

Along with clinic appointments, Bruce also provides on-site stretching recovery at events, medical institutions, educational institutions, community centres and sports brands. He has collaborated with multinational companies and sports brands to host corporate stretching workshops. 

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Bruce’s journey began when he started participating in secondary school sports.

Having seen preventable injuries caused by competitive athletes, Bruce aspired to work in a practice for stretching therapy that focused on rehabilitation and injury prevention for athletes.

A passion in rehab and injury prevention drive his eagerness for knowledge in therapy techniques from around the world.

He is the first stretch therapist in Hong Kong to obtain qualifications from the United States, Australia and Hong Kong. 

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