Breathwork is praised for its ability to bring us into the present moment. Here are some of the emotional, physical, and mental benefits after going on a journey with your breath.

We can improve focus on tasks at hand, and enjoy our surroundings when we allow ourselves some time to breathe. A more obvious perk is how we get better results from all types of physical exercise when we use our breath to our advantage.

Some of the most noted benefits are increases in energy, releasing of emotional blockages and physical tension. 


Why go on a breathwork journey? 

Digging a little deeper, Astrid Merkt guides breathwork in individual or group settings to help with the following: 

Emotional Benefits
• Let go of what no longer serves you
• Access past coping mechanisms and memories on a cellular level
• Shift your subconscious beliefs and maladaptive patterns
• Resolve emotional blocks
• Support release of old trauma
• Gain greater clarity
• Develop a deeper connection to yourselves
• Handle stress and regulate emotions better

Physical Benefits
• Reset and recharge your nervous system
• Increased energy
• Boost immune system and strengthen your health
• Lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure
• Relax
• Improve sleep
• Help reduce and manage pain
• Reduces cortisol and stress hormone, which reduces the feeling of pain
• Improve cardiovascular endurance
• Detoxification of organs
• Complete system reset

Mental Benefits
• Be immersed in the present moment
• Increased focus and productivity
• Unwind stress and clear out mental clutter
• Experience and transcend beyond your current state of consciousness
• Connect to deep innate wisdom
• Solve problems and gain greater insight into current or past blockages
• Access higher states of consciousness
• Start to rewire the brain to find freed



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