Astrid Merkt

Astrid Merkt

Holistic Performance Psychologist
Breath Specialist
B.HK, M.Psych, E RYT- 500

Stress mitigation | Anxiety
Mental & Physical Performance
Emotional Regulation | Sleep

 Astrid Merkt is a Holistic Performance Psychologist and Breath Specialist, with a background in child and teen psychology and exercise science. 

“My passion lies in the neuroscience behind emotions and behaviour and how it interplays with the body.” 

She uses a psychodynamic approach that brings elements of adventure, movement, breath work and creativity into traditional talk therapy. She works with high-achievers to perform at their best when placed under pressure and stress by improving your mindset, energy, focus, mobility, sleep and  relationships. 

Read Astrid’s take on the benefits of breathwork and online counselling.

Her main focus is to reset, regulate, and recharge the way your nervous system interacts with your mind and body to overcome subconscious blockages from old habit patterns and trauma. Using your breathing mechanics and the psychology of breath as the main foundation of emotional and physical release, she thrives to empower and give you the tools and exercises needed to optimize your fullest potential. 


You will regain your control of your emotional, mental and physical states through self-awareness, self- and co-regulation, and cognitive reframing. Working with both individuals and couples, she helps you get to the root of your pain, release tension and conflict, and help shift maladaptive patterns into positive adaptive patterns. 


Astrid’s “Therapy Reinvented” supports your growth and healing with a holistic mind and body framework that can be taken outdoors and off the sofa. The modalities Astrid applies in therapy include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a  polyvagal approach to treat mental illness and other challenges we face in life. Her breath therapy sessions look at your breathing biomechanics and patterns to help you harness the power of your breath to elevate your performance and gain confidence to succeed. 

Her motto is “Become the CEO of your own life”

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