Prenatal Osteopathy


We offer gentle, safe, effective treatments that can reduce discomfort during pregnancy and while caring for your baby as they grow.

Areas we can address:

  • Advance preparation of your body's changes during pregnancy, and handling changes while they happen.
  • Treatment and exercises to prepare for pregnancy and labour
  • Assessment and preparation for the demands of childcare for both mothers and fathers.  This includes spinal health and movement, neck and shoulder pain and/or stability.
  • Safely returning to exercise and work after child birth

To complement Osteopathic assessments and treatments we also offer:

  1. Nutritional and lifestyle advice
  2. Meditation advice to help prepare parents for their new role as a parent.
  3. Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics and functional exercises to help mother prepare for labour, and return to exercise after child birth.