Osteopathy is a registered medical profession that emphasises the importance of the role of hands on diagnosis and treatment to complement diagnostic techniques such as M.R.I. X -rays and blood work. Osteopathy places particular emphasis on the importance of considering the treatment of the whole body for a successful treatment outcome.

  • Osteopathy is a registered medical profession in many countries.
  • Osteopathy is taught at University graduate and post graduate level.
  • Students of Osteopathy study medical sciences such as anatomy, pathology, differential diagnosis, orthopaedics, neurology and radiology.
  • Osteopathy places particular emphasis on the use of the hand to diagnose and treat the body in as gentle a way as possible.
  • Central to Osteopathy is the concept that ’The body is a unit’ emphasizing the potential influence of distant body parts on the area causing pain. 
  • Currently there are a number of specialities in Osteopathy-paediatrics, obstetrics, visceral, veterinary, neuromuscular rehabilitation and cranial osteopathy.

Osteopathy at The Clarke Clinic.

  • We emphasise gentle and effective treatments such as harmonic technique, process centred osteopathy and cranial osteopathy.
  • We integrate the latest scientific research from a number of disciplines (esp. neuroscience and behavioural science) to help patients achieve their health and movement goals.
  • We work as a team both amongst our osteopaths and with our health care and exercise professionals at The Clarke Clinic and Reboot studio.


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