Osteopathic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (ONR)

The Clarke Clinic is one of only a few clinics in Asia to integrate Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. For more than a decade we have successfully used this approach in our treatments and assessments.


This approach has been successfully used at the Clarke Clinic for the following:

Neurological treatments

  • Assessment and treatment of the nervous system (based on neuroscientific research on neuroplascity).
  • Assessment and rehabilitation for accidents, operations, strokes.
  • Identification and treatment of coordination, stability and fine motor issues.

Injury prevention and recovery

  • Prepare for a sporting event or competition.
  • Encouraging resilience from injuries.
  • Before surgery to help with a quick and easy recovery.

Guidance and recommendations

  • Results-oriented guidance for personal trainers, Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic instructors.
  • Suggest suitable exercises for the treatment of babies and children.



ONR is based on the research of Professor Eyal Lederman, a pioneer in Osteopathic research and development and founder of the Process Centred Approach of Osteopathy based in London, UK. 

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