Movement & Functional Exercises

At the Reboot studio we offer a number of exercise and movement classes taught by an experienced and caring team.  In all our classes we emphasis functional exercises –those designed to mimic but improve an individuals’ daily movement and exercise patterns. Our clinicians and trainers communicate regularly concerning your individual cases to help us understand, refine and develop the most suitable exercise protocol for you. Usually this involves understanding what areas of your body need special attention or help. Beyond this we also need to understand what particular input your body needs whether it is relaxation, strength, stability, awareness, flexibility etc.  With the extra insight to you case that our team can offer we can help to refine and improve your sport or exercise. Functional exercise is particularly suitable for helping those recovering from pain or injury, wanting to avoid injury or prepare for a sports event, childbirth or an operation.

Our methods are both highly adaptable, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. This is for you if you want to:

Free your spine
Increase energy and vitality
Increase flexibility and strength
Improve posture
Recover from injuries
Improve self-esteem
 Heightened body awareness