Mathias Simao

Mathias Simao

Registered Osteopath

Mathias Simao

Mathias is a Registered Osteopath who uses various complementary techniques, from functional, to structural and craniosacral techniques. His approach depends on the patient and conditions presented.

Mathias graduated in 2006 from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO, now University College of Osteopathy) with a Bachelor of osteopathy (B.Ost). Since then he has practised in Portugal, France, Malaysia, before moving to Hong Kong in 2015.

Mathias came across osteopathy when he was studying naturopathy in Portugal. He found osteopathy to be the most natural form of medicine, with the ability to heal without any foreign substances and just by touch and manual manipulation.

While studying in London at the BSO, Mathias took all opportunities to work in elective clinics. This included those for treating young children and babies, as well as sports, elderly and the Ian Charleson clinic, an HIV clinic at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Throughout the different countries where he practised, Mathias learned different approaches to patients and to osteopathy. From the structural approach of the UK, to the more functional and craniosacral “french” approach, to the firmer expectations of patients in Asia.

With his background in naturopathy Mathias can treat in conjunction with other natural and alternative medicine practitioners, including with allopathic specialists, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

 Bachelor of osteopathy (B.Ost). University College of Osteopathy, 2006