Chops Hsu

Breath Efficiency | Posture Awareness | Yoga Therapy | Competition Recoveries | Injury Prevention

Chops uses the Rolfing method to educate people on how to move more efficiently and find  more support from gravity. Clients have been able to find new patterns to feel gravity and move the body.

He brings in functional anatomy to yoga in a simplified method for beginners to connect to and start their yoga journey right.

Current offerings

Upping Your Oxygen 45 Minutes Session @ Core 

($1100 per session, join 3 sessions to enjoy 10% off)

How much oxygen are you getting from each breath? Is the 3 dimensional space of your rib cage responding to the breath? If you are curious about exploring the breath’s full potential, Chops will guide you through effective breath and movement exercises to free areas of the body that limit breath flow. Chops will finish with myofascia work to release unnecessary holding patterns in the breathing related areas. The intention is to cultivate 3 dimensional breathing, this will have a direct influence to a better posture and calmer nervous system. 

**Learn to do simple body scan exercises to understand where the tension is coming from and how to release them plus how to feel lighter.
**Explore how 

3-Dimensional breathing can give better support for your spine and posture.


Recovery Session 60 minutes @ Core 

($1200 per session, join 3 session to enjoy a 10% discount) 

Speed up your recovery time after intense competitions or training sessions through mobilizing your spine and release over contracted tissues. Chops will guide you through different myofascia release methods to feel restored. 

**Restore orders in the body after pushing it to the limits.
**Relief aches and pains in over contracted areas.


Yin & Yang (Private Therapy Yoga + Structure Integration)

75 minutes @ Core $1400 a session, join 3 session to enjoy 10% discount)

The body benefits from movements that elongates and decompress our spine and joints. The mind benefits from the stillness of inner space through qualitative breathing. Chops will guide you through effective movements to find a healthier spine and cultivate 3 dimensional breathing patterns to suspend the mind. The session will end with a myofascia release to find a lighter posture. 

**The balance of active and passive methods to feel more at ease with your body and mind. 

**Develop the awareness to find lighter postures on your own on daily basis and find tools to be at ease with the body.