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About The Clinic

The Clarke Clinic was established in 2012 by Registered Osteopath (U.K and Hong Kong) Philip Clarke.

We offer treatment via manual/ physical therapy and exercise prescription. We provide solutions for the whole family from pregnant mums, babies, adults to the elderly. In 2019 we expanded our facilities by establishing ‘Reboot by The Clarke Clinic’ a space allowing us to offer movement and sports specific assessment for our clients.

We  specialise in:-

  • Musculoskeletal pain - back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain.....
  • Sports Injuries - treatment and prevention.
  • Those preparing for operation (pre-hab) and recovering from operation (rehab)
  • Those who want to feel enjoyment and ease in their body
  • Those who want to improve their sports and movement performance.

Our base is in Osteopathic medicine emphasizing the influence of the whole body  on health and disease but we also draw heavily on scientific research from disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, sports and exercise therapy, nutrition and functional medicine.

Our ideal clients are individuals who are prepared to work with us to achieve their health goals. We have gained a reputation for working with cases which have proved difficult.

Children & Babies

  • Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all ages and stages of development.
  • At The Clarke Clinic we focus our treatment on techniques that are gentle and safe in nature such as Harmonic technique, cranial osteopathy and process centred osteopathy.
  • Our Osteopaths are trained at both under graduate and post graduate level.
  • We work with exercise professionals to help prepare for the labour, birth and child care.
  • Our team works closely with other health and exercise professional and receive regular training with them.

The Clarke Clinic Values

To integrate the latest scientific research from a number of disciplines (esp. neuroscience and behavioural science) to help patients achieve their health and movement goals.

  • To offer only safe, effective, scientifically validated treatment and advice.
  • To work as a team to help the client/patient achieve their health goals.
  • To help educate and inform the client/patient to become independent and self-sufficient in maintaining their own health and well-being.

The Clarke Clinic Approach

All our Osteopaths are regulated by International regulatory bodies, such as The General Osteopathic Council and HK Osteopathic Association.

Our Osteopaths are graduates of leading Osteopathic Institutes, such as  The British College of Osteopathic Medicine - B.C.O.M and The British School of Osteopathy.

  • We hold weekly in-house training which all our practitioners attend.
  • We have a close working relationship to many healthcare and sports and exercise experts.
  • We share clinic space with The Waveworks Clinic ( specialists in treating allergies, intestinal disorders and skin conditions via BICOM Bioresonance therapy and nutrition ).