Julian Zhu Min

Julian Zhu Min

Registered TCM Massage Therapist

Therapeutic Massage Trainer

Pain | Strains | Stress | Chronic Illness | Degenerative Conditions | Fatigue

As a survivor of an environmental catastrophe, Julian lost his eyesight before he was a teenager. Amazingly, he bounced back with an even greater passion towards life and was determined to dedicate himself to guarding people’s health. 

Julian specializes in treating pain and malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. He commonly treats sore necks, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, lumbar muscle degeneration and arthritis.

Proven to be one of the safest therapeutic methods, TCM massage helps clients and their family members in managing chronic ailments.  Julian’s application of this method has helped those with diabetes as well as improving quality of life through stages of palliative care. 

Julian is experienced in relieving stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue and other sub-health symptoms associated with depression, anxiety or constitutional deficiency.  Julian provides this support without verbally drilling into clients’ burden issues but with his feeling and hands. This is thanks to the theory of “organs for emotions” which is part of the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.



  1. Uneasiness, pain or movement limitations caused by strain (overuse injuries), prolonged post-injury symptoms or other degenerative conditions.
  1. Stress, fatigue or depressive symptoms.
  2. Energy supplementation for anti-aging or for constitutional weakness caused by chronic illness.
  3. Palliative treatment, such as hand and foot massage for cancer patients.

Julian trained in massage at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has practiced in the field of health-care and rehabilitation for over 20 years. Having toured for exchanges with counterparts through Europe, India, Japan and Tibet, he has developed cross-discipline understanding of conditions and needs faced by his clients.

Membership & Associations

Certified Coach of Disability and Inclusion, and Master Trainer of Therapeutic Massage. 

Julian Zhu is registered TCM massage with the Hong Kong Association of Tuina and Physiotherapy Professionals.

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