Clarke Osteopathy Rehabilitation with Exercise

At CORE, we provide Osteopathy alongside exercise prescription, natural medicine, trauma release, counselling and breathwork.

As well as injury recovery and rehabilitation, we maintain your mobility and prevent injuries, preparing you for any stage of life. 

Our experienced team of 21 practitioners work together to find the best solution for you.


While Osteopathic medicine looks at the body as a whole, we know that merging disciplines complements treatment. Combining manual osteopathic therapy with exercise and stress management promotes better healing and faster results.
Our aim is to give you and your family support at all stages; the best possible start in life, promote your ability to perform at any level, reduce the impact of strain or injuries, and prioritise freedom of movement and autonomy

A place for calm

We’ve designed our space with your busy Hong Kong lives in mind.

This is where we want to help you relax and have you to leave feeling better.


We’ve created an ecosystem of experienced and like-minded practitioners.

Clients come to us to prepare for big events like pregnancy, surgery and professional sporting events.  We also offer mental health support and ways to manage chronic pain. 


Osteopathy is at the centre of what we do. This therapy uses hands on techniques to both diagnose and treat the body as a whole. It’s tailored to the individual and suitable for the whole family.


Vasper, Gyrotonic®, Pilates, Yoga are some of the therapies curated to support your osteopathic treatment and optimise rehabilitation & recovery. 


Our expert practitioners draw on cutting edge research, testing and science, as well as ancient diagnostic practices and energy-based healing.

Pulse Reading

Core focus: Ayurveda

Hear how Ayurveda can help you as a therapy for treatment, and how to use the principles in every day life. Our expert Ayurveda consultant, Vinod Sharma, will talk through topics, share case studies and take questions.

our team

With you at the centre, we draw on many fields to give you the best possible recovery, prevent future injuries and give you freedom of movement. 

Registered Osteopath

Movement & Mobility Specialist
Certified VASPER™ System Instructor

Pilates, Gyrotonic®, TRX, Craniosacral Therapy

Certified TRE Provider
Psychotherapist & Counsellor

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Jason Cheng

Neck & Back Pain Treatment
“I’m thrilled at the treatment I’ve received at Balance Health from Philip. Until Philip, none of the other osteopaths and chiropractors I have seen through the years have been able to successfully treat my recurrent neck and back pain.,.”

Jo Orgill

Neck and Shoulder Treatment
“Originally come to see Philip for pain in my neck and shoulder that had steadily worsened through training for an outrigger canoeing event. Philip very quickly identified instability in my shoulder…”
Neck & Back Pain Treatment