We provide Gyrotonic® therapy services

GYROTONIC® offers a safe, effective way to train and develop muscle strength, flexibility, stability and relaxation. Its emphasis on flowing movements in all planes of motions makes it particularly suitable for improving performance in sports such as golf, tennis, football, rugby and dance. It is now widely used by professional athletes from many sports. 

GYROTONIC® ideally compliments Osteopathic treatment translating the changes achieved into better, stronger, healthier movement patterns, helping prevent injury recurrence. 

Gyrotonic® training is particularly suited for you if:

  • You have recurring injuries or are in need of rehab after surgery, accident or injury 
  • Feel that your need to take an active step to improve the health of your back, posture or are prone to scoliosis 
  • Want to improve your movement, prevent sporting injury or prolong your sporting career 
  • Are looking for a safe, effective way to become more active 
  • Want some advice concerning your current exercise routine 
  • You are preparing for an operation

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Camilla Capon

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