Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is an ancient and timeless science which aims to maintain and preserve the good health of a healthy, normal individual, and at the same time, heal an unhealthy individual.

Ayurveda at The Clarke Clinic

Mr Vinod Sharma of Ayuryoga International uses 5 pillars of Ayurvedic medicine to both optimise health and address specific health issues. These are:

  1. Pulse Reading (Naadi Pariksha) – the most accurate and most precise tool of diagnosis in the timeless and ancient science of Ayurveda,
  2. Chakra Optimisation
  3. Diet & Nutrition
  4. Therapeutic Yoga
  5. Homeopathy
Who is Ayurvedic Medicine suitable for? 
Ayurveda, the ancient and timeless method of healing, provides a deeper understanding of your physical, mental and emotional levels. It will help you take the right approach to achieve and maintain balance and well-being.
Vinod Sharma has over 25 years of experience in treating patients from as young as 8 months old to over 80 years.
He has dealt with ailments such as:
Asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, diabetes, back pain, migraines, insomnia, muscular/joint pain, high/low blood pressure, obesity, panic attacks, fertility, period pain (dysmenorrhea), PMS, impotency.
He has seen very good success with clients preparing for pregnancy, or those who have struggled with fertility. His article and interview with 3 of his clients was published in South China Morning Post on 15th March 2021.
Those who have some health issues can correct those issues, while healthy individuals will benefit through optimising their health and preventing future ailments.



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Sessions & Pricing

Ayurveda Consultation
Duration: 90mins - 2hrs   Fee: HKD2,500

This includes:  Pulse Reading, checking of the Chakras and Aura by Vinod Sharma, diet plan & lifestyle recommendations*, and free email support for up to 2 weeks.

*If Chakra balancing & Healing sessions are required, then the detailed diet plan and lifestyle guidelines will be prepared and sent to the client after the healing sessions and follow up consultation.

Chakra Optimisation and Healing Sessions*
Duration: 3hrs for 3 sessions   Fee: HKD6,300 (HKD2,100 per session)

This includes: 3 sessions of 50mins - 1hr with 15 mins between each session. 

*Vinod will determine if this is suitable for you based on his observations and findings during the initial Ayurveda Consultation.

If Chakra balancing sessions are required then the protocol is:

  • After the initial Ayurveda Consultation, 3 basic Chakra Balancing/Energy Healing sessions are done.
  • Then a follow up consultation is done, which is similar to the first Ayurveda Consultation, i.e. pulse reading and checking of the chakras and aura, to determine what changes have occurred after the basic 3 healing sessions.
  • Based on the observation during the follow up consultation, a detailed diet plan and lifestyle guidelines will be prepared and sent to the client within a few days of the follow up consultation.

Follow up Consultation
Duration: 90mins - 2hrs    Fee: HKD2,500

After your first 3 sessions of Chakra Optimisation & Healing Sessions, a follow up consultation determines what changes have taken place in your system.

Vinod with then update your diet plan & lifestyle recommendations, to be followed for 6 weeks.

An additional Follow Up Consultation will be done after the 6 week period (depending on the outcomes of the prior sessions). This is to help prevent future imbalances within your system, and your diet plan & lifestyle recommendations will be updated accordingly.

Hot & Cold Treatments combined with Energy Healing
Duration: 60 minutes per session     Fee: HKD2,300 per session
Package of total 6 sessions – 3 on the lower back and 3 on the lower abdomen.

If needed, hot and cold treatments will be recommended for eliminating toxins from the gut & digestive tract, thereby removing blockages, improving blood circulation, optimising digestion and metabolism, and enhancing skin health. This also helps in preventing formation of cysts, polyps, etc.